1. What Is Mostakbal City?

Mostakbal City is the largest integrated city in New Cairo. It’s also known as Mega Green City, home to almost everything from the residential units to the entertainment options. 

Mostakbal City is designed to accommodate up to 1 million people. Not just that, it’s the first smart green city in Cairo. 

2. Where Is Mostakbal City Located? 

It’s located on Cairo Suez Road between km 46 and km 51 East Cairo, Second New Cairo.

3. Who Is the Main Developer of Mostakbal City? 

The developer and owner of Mostakbal City is El Mostakbal Urban Developments Egypt. 

4. What Are the Nearby Attractions to Mostakbal City? 

Mostakbal City’s location is a prime one, making it minutes away from many important and distinct destinations. 

  • Shorouk City: 20 minutes away
  • Al Rehab: 25 minutes away
  • Badr City: 28 minutes away
  • Cairo Festival City: 34 minutes away
  • Cairo International Airport: 35 minutes away 
  • New Capital: 35 minutes away 
  • New Cairo: 39 minutes away.

5. Which Companies Are Working on the Mostakbal City Project? 

There’s a great number of the top companies and developers working in Mostakbal City. They’re known for their high quality projects in their different fields.

Here is the list of the companies: 


  • Badayel Energy Solutions
  • AAW Consulting Engineers
  • ICE – International Consulting Engineers
  • Space Consultants 
  • Shaker Consultancy Group
  • ECG 
  • ACE Consulting Engineers
  • Shehab A. Mazhar Architects. 


  • Kharafi National 
  • El Sewedy Electric 
  • EMAK Contracting Company.


  • Hassan Allam Properties
  • Tatweer Misr
  • Beta Egypt Real Estate Development 
  • Wadi degla Developments 
  • Porto Developments 
  • El Rabwa Network
  • Misr Italia 
  • Maxim Group.

6. What Is the Master Plan of Mostakbal City?

Mostakbal City’s master plan consists of 5 phases with ranging areas. 

  • Phase 1. It is the main attraction of the city with an area of 1490 acres.
  • Phase 2. It lies at the end of the city with an area of 2046 acres; the second phase is considered as the services center, including commercial, health, recreational, and hotel amenities. 
  • Phase 3 & 4. They will include the residential spots where their areas reach 1607 and 1875 acres, respectively. 
  • Phase 5. This one is going to be the heart of the project as it’s the center of all the international attractions nestled inside Mostakbal City. 

Besides, its location is a supreme one, neighbouring the New Capital City. The area of this phase stretches along 3755 acres. 



7. What Are the Compounds Inside Mostakbal City?

Mostakbal City is home to various residential compounds, ensuring its residents a wide variety of choices. They are developed by recognizable companies to provide you world class standards. 

  • Bloomfields 
  • Green Square 
  • L’Avenir 
  • Aria 
  • La Mirada El Mostakbal 
  • Beta Greens 
  • Canyon
  • IL Bosco City 
  • Golf Porto Cairo
  • City of Odyssia
  • Ziznia El Mostakbal 
  • Neopolis
  • Haptown.

8. What Are the Services and Facilities Offered in Mostakbal City? 

There are numerous services and facilities featured in Mostakbal City, offering you a flawless lifestyle. 

  • Residential units 
  • Schools 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Parks 
  • Sporting club 
  • University 
  • Gas stations 
  • Swimming pools
  • Retail shops 
  • Restaurants 
  • Cafes
  • Walking areas 
  • Cycling paths 
  • Hubs
  • Water features.



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